Break – The Other Side interview – PUREDNB Exclusive! connected with Break to talk about his first ever various artists LP “The Other Side” released on his widely respected Symmetry Recordings label. Never one to compromise both in the studio & in his DJ sets, here we get a taste of the tunes he’s really feeling from the 100s of demos received every month. This is Break’s time to showcase some new artists and represent drum & bass from The Other Side…

Purednb: You have an LP that just released on your label Symmetry Recordings, care to introduce it to us in your own words?

Break: The Album is named “The Other Side” and reflects some other angles of DnB that don’t always get the love they deserve. I’ve compiled a selection of tracks by my self and V/A that have all been tried and tested in every scenario….and smash it!

PDNB: What inspires your productions? Did you have any particular concept or influences in mind when you were producing the beats featured on the Other Side LP?

Break: I love dub….not dubstep(to be clear) a lot of the artists featured on this album understand the ethos behind dub and how that influences DnB in a really good way. I love all other kinds of music too, I’m more inspired by that synths and computers , its trying to get the balance between natural and synthetic nice in a modern way.

PDNB: How do you usually scout new artists and tracks to release on Symmetry? How’d you pick which tracks to put on The Other Side — any overarching themes you had in mind, or was it just a bunch of tracks that you thought would fit together well?

Break: More the latter to be honest. It wasn’t a major concept album. A lot of the tracks I got sent and then tested out in the club… but usually I can tell before you play out them whether I like them, its kinda a bonus if it smashes the dance too…All of these tracks fitted the bill in the that way, It’s almost like a Dj set that I’d play out. It’s really hard to pick though, I would have signed 10 more tunes if it was possible, there are lots of really taleneted people making great stuff right now, its really inspiring.

PDNB: Do you find your roles as a producer/DJ and a label owner compliment one another, or do they sometimes conflict with one another? Do you ever find it difficult to juggle the label and your career as an artist, or do you think that the label and your artist career feed off of each other’s successes?

Break: It is tricky to juggle, but they’re not bad things to deal with…There just never seems time for booth…I always want to stay in the studio and make music, but love playing out and trying the tunes. I’ve had some great help with management of the label recently so that has really given me more time to focus on the music side of the label. But I’ve always thought there’s no label or gig without some good tunes, so that’s always my priority.

PDNB: Any up-and-coming talent on the label you’re particularly excited about?

Break: There are some wicked tracks I’ve been sent recently…but blabbing about artists I’ve noticed has only backfired recently, so it seems you can’t talk about these thing in the scene any more sadly…

PDNB: Not counting anything on Symmetry, what’s been your favorite 2012 release thus far?

Break: Calyx and Teebee album….Elevate this Sound as a single.

PDNB: What’s in the pipeline after the LP release? Any big plans you’d like to talk about?

Break: We have some wicked remixes lined up from some album tunes, and already a few possible singles for 2013. I’m working on a project called Degrees of Freedom with the singer Kyo, its not Dnb stuff but the first single will be coming out soon, its an album covering all the other vocal music we’re into besides DnB, but with a similar flavour to my Dnb production.

PDNB: Any advice you would give to aspiring producers looking to launch their careers?

Break: Don’t try and do what everyone else is doing, or do it but make it better and more original. Personally I’m more into the music, so some great tracks will get you more noticed than a load of crap on twitter and facebook etc…Annoyingly its down to practice and mistakes, I made loads of tracks before I release my first one.

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