Chris Octane – Synthetics / Gaia Dub – CORE001 – May 6th

On the high of their album, ‘Octane & DLR – Method in the Madness’, the duo took the artistic decision to part ways, pursue and explore their own sound in an attempt to better themselves and push their own boundaries.

Their position in the industry as technical wizards already firmly stamped, the first of the solo ventures are hotly anticipated amongst the scene leaders and fans alike.
Enter – Chris Octane’s latest release on his own brand new imprint; CO:RE (CO Recordings).

The highest standard of technical production and originality in sound design will certainly cement Chris’ place in the ranks with this pair. Both equally at home in the club or the headphones, this music is built to last and aims right for your co:re. “Synthetics”‘ vocal is a take on the way we look at reality. Soon accompanied by a gut wrenching sub that will switch your perspective in an instant.

“Gaia’s Dub” is an experimental piece exploring movement and sound design and fusing dub and world influence with a depth that raises the technical bar. With more music already in the works along with high profile collaborators on board, CO:RE looks set to be the new buy-on-sight label for 2013.

Preview: Chris Octane – Synthetics / Gaia’s Dub – CORE001 – May 6

Octane Synthetics / Gaia Quotes

‘Nothing more to say than a stonking release from Octane with his first solo release. Synthetics is an absolute killer. I played this last at Renegade Hardware’s 18th Birthday and it swiveled heads 360!’
Ant TC1

‘Octane kicks things off in massive style with his new label project.

Pure future vibes on this release’.

‘Octane is bringing the heat with the new label and fresh vibes on his tracks! Love both of these’

‘Octane & DLR have suprised us with their detailed yet upfront production. We’re excited to hear what their solo efforts bring!’

‘I wish my music had this much attention to detail!’

‘Definitely feeling Synthetics and will be playing it!!’
The Upbeats

‘Great to hear Chris going in. Such sick production!’

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