Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (R.N. Berretta Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Clocking in at just under 150bpm, Ryan Nicholas Berretta (who, I might add, seems to have a pretty badass last name) brings the drumfunk on his latest track, a remix of Jefferson Airplane’s mega-classic White Rabbit. The jazzy drums throughout seem to melt  over the guitar riffs, while the subtle bass and increase tempo keep the remix moving and progressing. Once the breakdown hit it’s all over: the track dives straight in with loud, snappy snares, groove-inducing break beats, and a raucous, dirty neurofunk synth. I have to say, this is the first drum and bass track that has made me wish the genre had been pioneered in the 60s.

Luckily, R.N. Berretta has been kind enough to put this (and many others) up for free download on his Soundcloud. Be sure to check him out; his non-dnb productions and mashups are just as catchy.

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