Room Info is a social music community. There are many rooms on for many different genres, tastes and moods. Visit the Pure DNB room to DJ, listen or socialize, where you can always count on hearing nothing but the best and the latest Drum and Bass music 24 hours a day.

Visit our room here:

Room Rules:

1. Drum and Bass ONLY: 

  • This room is for Drum and Bass music only. Browse our blog for exclusive interviews and the latest in Drum and Bass. Help keep our room bumpin with the best Drum and Bass music around.
  • Yes, Out Of Genre (OOG) tracks are allowed for every 1K points you earn while in the room.

2. Respect:

  • Respect each other and respect the room. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Excessive use of obscene language or hate directed at a specific individual will get you banned.

Approved Mod List:

  • PureDNB – Host
  • Moda – Co-Host
  • Devers – Co-Host
  • ZectBynmo – Manager
  • Cyan – Manager
  • Shawkattack – Manager
  • J-Rez – Manager
  • Ampersandd – Manager
  • Wld – Manager

Resident DJs:

  • ControlledKaos
  • SideB
  • Catnips
  • more …

How to become a mod? Be a regular visitor to the room and an active user.  Mods may be removed for inactivity.

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