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  • Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (R.N. Berretta Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

  • Clocking in at just under 150bpm, Ryan Nicholas Berretta (who, I might add, seems to have a pretty badass last name) brings the drumfunk on his latest track, a remix of Jefferson Airplane's mega-classic White Rabbit. The jazzy drums throughout seem to melt  over the guitar riffs, while the subtle bass and increase tempo keep the remix moving and progressing. Once the breakdown hit it's all ove[...]
  • Alix Perez - Feelings of Regret (Free Download)

  • Alix Perez has announced the release of his second LP on Shogun Audio, and he's giving away a brand new track "Feelings of Regret" free as a teaser.  Head over to his website and enter your email to claim your download of this mellowed-out number.  An exact release date for the album has yet to be announced, but keep an eye open for the next single "Annie's Song" featuring Sam Wills which drops th[...]
  • Loadstar - Drowning (Free Download)

  • Presumably Loadstar needs no introductions at this point, but the much-hyped duo have finally announced that they will release their full-length debut Future Perfect on Ram Records on the 4th of May.  That's still a ways off, but fortunately we don't have to wait that long to hear some new music -- the announcement was accompanied by a free offering of "Drowning," which sees the pair showing off t[...]
  • Rene LaVice - Thorax (Free Download)

  • Rene LaVice was without a doubt one of drum & bass music's hottest breakouts of 2012, and he doesn't show any signs of stopping his roll there - he's recently announced the release of his full-length debut Insidious on Ram Records.  The album will drop on the 11th of February but if you're looking for a teaser you can download the first single "Thorax" for free via his Facebook page.  He's als[...]