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  • KUANTUM - Wasteland Ep - IM:LTD - 13th May, 2013

  • We don't normally cover the 140bpm scene, but this forthcoming EP on IM:LTD is one we just can't ignore! Miles away from Skrillex and his brostep machine, IM:Ltd have once again scoped out something emerging from the Wastelands. Hailing from Montpellier, the name is Kuantum. Using video game quotes and bass frequencies lower than Taylor Swift’s underwear, ‘Wasteland’, the title track - along[...]
  • HIBEA ‘White Owl’/’The Form’ - IM:LTD - May 6

  • The parisian drum and bass juggernaut IM:LTD is back again this month with the latest efforts from Ukrainian producer Hibea and a couple of remixes thrown in from Phil Tangent and Fade.  IM:LTD just gets better and better and these latest tunes are some serious belters. Filled with with bass frequencies lower than a stripper’s self-esteem, fierce percussions and jungle-like wild breaks and back[...]
  • "HUNTED" EP - IM:LTD - Out Now!

  • This incredible compilation on IM:LTD dropped earlier this month but we couldn't let it slip by without a proper plug by Pure DNB. With some serious tribal vibes, chilling deep rollers and low frequencies that can rattle your skull even at low volumes, this EP packs in some heavy tunes from some heavy hitters and takes you on a nightmarish voyage that will have you running for your life! Pu[...]